Beautiful, Carol. I get up very early and always start my day with a meditation and some freewriting in my journal. It's such a magical time, in so many ways. But sketching—you have inspired me! I'm always interested in sharing some thoughts with you and other creatives for In the Spotlight. So happy to be reading your words again and I'll have to go and pick up a copy of Breathe.💖

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Inspiring post Carol. Early morning time, I agree, is a very good time to work. I'm trying to get back to some drawing/ sketching/ writing myself. I've worked digitally for so long, and usually busy that it's hard to turn to being creative at other times. So many distractions,

I like how you are drawing with ball point pen.

I think we get too hung up about precious art materials/ and beautiful sketchbooks sometimes for fear of making a mark. I know I do...

Best wishes

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Wonderful and beautiful, Carol! Very inspiring. These are some of the things I find beautiful in the morning too. I love the peace and quiet and the anticipation of the day! I hope you have a beautiful one x

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So splendid, Carol Anne.

Glen H.

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